We’re thrilled that our new cards and flyers have arrived.  Residents may have seen this popping up in noticeboards all over our estate!  Drop by our Community Centre to pick up some up, or find our contact details here.

Falco visited KPCC Oval this week and created two fantastic elephant murals!

A massive thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate our community centre at KPCC Oval.  We had a fantastic afternoon with dancing, drums, drawing, mural painting, bubbles and more!

We’re delighted to show you our new mural.  It was painted by Boyd http://claptwn.blogspot.co.uk during our afternoon of celebrations, which was organised with AkomaAsa and Simply Smiley Productions.

Live Art Event Saturday 29th July, 2-5pm at Kennington Park Community Centre. For directions, see our Location page here. Find out more about KPCC on the About Us page here.

Simply Smiley Productions recently visited KPCC Oval for a fantastic performance!  See more photos below.