Pricing can be seen in the table below, or downloaded here: Hiring rates 2020

More information on the spaces available for hire is here.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday, 9am to 10pm.
OFF PEAK hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
All other times are PEAK.

User groups categories

1. Local/Community Organisation

2. Private Function/Social Event

3. Social Event – KPE Resident

4. Business/Other Organisation


Category 1
Community Org
Category 2
Social Event
Category 3
Social Event
Category 4
  Peak Off Peak Peak Off Peak Peak Off Peak Any time
Main hall
+ kitchen
£30 £25 £40 £35 £25 £15 £60
Meeting Room
(Community or Small)
£20 £15 £25 £20 £15 £10 £40
Whole Centre £60 £50 £80 £70 £45 £30 £120

Any variation to these charges is at the discretion of Management.

Capacity of all rooms depends on layout and use. The kitchen is available for shared use.

Please note that Centre users may NOT park on Kennington Park Estate.

A refundable deposit of £100 is required for all bookings for social event and private functions. This deposit will be refunded within seven days of the booking subject to Management’s satisfaction that all the Conditions of Hire have been met. There is an additional charge of £50 for the erection/use of equipment in the Courtyard during social events; and of £15 for the erection of inflatables in the Hall.

Storage space is not usually available but where it is agreed there will normally be a charge of £20 per week for larger spaces, £40 per month for smaller cupboards.

The Centre has a range of audio/visual equipment available for the use of hirers who request it in advance. A small charge may be levied for use of the PA system and/or TV screen for social events, private or business functions. Any damage to the equipment is the responsibility of the hirer.

The Hirer must always leave the premises and surrounds at the agreed time, which will be no later than 10pm, and in a clean, tidy and secure condition. Please note that alcohol is not permitted on the premises at any time.