Free Christmas Pantomime and visit from Santa!

Simply Smiley Productions in association with KPCC Oval presents Christmas under the Sea!

Neptune is holding his annual Christmas Pageant Competition to see who will be Champion of the Tunaverse! We have some truly spectacular performances for you this year. Mrs Narwal with her plate spinning, Sally Seal with her balancing act, the dancing duo dolphins: Dolly and Phin We also have a few last minute entries from Octavius the Octopus and another duo act by Terrance and Michelle. Who will light up the Christmas anemone, get the seal of approval and win that tidal role: Champion of the TUNAverse!

About us

For most of us, Christmas is something to look forward to, enjoying time with our families, away from work or school, feasting and exchanging presents. However, for many residents of inner city estates like Kennington Park at the Oval, Christmas can be a difficult and expensive time. Lambeth is one of the most deprived boroughs in London, with high rates of violent, sexual and drug-related crime. The level of child poverty is worse than the London and England average, with 29% of children aged under 16 living in poverty.

At Kennington Park Community Centre, our aim this Christmas is to make life a little easier for the families on our estate. Some of the kids on the estate will never get to go to a theatre or visit Santa in a big store, so by bringing these seasonal favourites to them we hope to make their Christmas a little more memorable.

There is strong evidence to suggest that participation in the arts contributes to community cohesion, reduces social exclusion and isolation, and makes communities feel safer and stronger. At KPCC Oval we are proud to be able to do our bit!

Click here to obtain your free tickets.

We have added an optional donation ticket which will help us to fund the pantomime, as well as pay for Santa’s Oyster Card so that he can bring presents for our children. So please help us to fund this Christmas panto and know that you are contributing to a happier and safer community for all.

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